Hot Sand Ruin is the second race course of Scratch Mountain. It takes place within an Egyptian-Themed Town.

Courses Edit

  • The Short Course has you driving around the Town. Be aware that there are Whirlpools that can slow you down.
  • The Medium Course has you driving within the pyramid. There are a variety of paths you may take, for example: A water segment, or a segment that can only be utilized by the Jumping Heli.
  • The Long Course has you driving outside the town, back into the pyramid and out of the pyramid.

Strategy Edit

  • For the Short Course, it is recommended to use tyres that help on Off-Road Surfaces. Watch for the Whirlpools and lakes that can slow you down.
  • For the Medium Course, it is recommended to use the Jumping Heli and take the middle path through the course. However, it is still possible to miss the jumps, therefore it is recommended to use the Hovercraft alongside to prevent sinking.
  • For the Long Course, it's identical to the Medium Course, just be aware that you'll be in both Off-Road and Dry Road surfaces.


  • The Medium Course starts you in a different location to the Short Course, but returns in the Long Course.
  • The Hovercraft and Air Floater can prevent you from slowing down on the Whirlpools.


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