City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Tan/Black Honda S800

Hotep is the younger brother of Ichijiko. He is highly independent and lives on his own in a cave. When you first meet him, he is starving for a meal. His brother is worried about his wellbeing and gives you a delivery of rice balls for him to eat. After you have given them to him, he'll give you the China horn in return for making him feel better and full of energy.


  • "(sighing) Hey, who is it? Is it you, Big Bro? Oh, it's not.. I'm living an independent life right now. But lately, I've started to think that I might not be able to do it myself. I mean, you get hungry, right? And when you're by yourself, there's no one to talk to. Living by myself, I've realised how great it was having Big Bro around. Oh man, I'm starving. I haven't eaten anything in days. If you have something to eat, will you share it with me?"
  • "Wow! Rice Ball!!! I LOVE rice balls! I didn't actually think you had something to eat. Thanks so much. Hm, this rice ball. It tastes just like the one my brother makes. It brings back memories. I feel energetic after eating this. Thank you. I'll give you this in return. I think it'd be pretty useful. Take good care of it, okay? Well, once again, thank you very much."
  • "Huh? Oh hey! That's a frog ornament! It's the one that I ordered, isn't it? You've came to deliver it to me? Thank you so much. I thought that if I had this, I wouldn't be as sad."


  • Hotep's name is a distinct reference to Imhotep, the Ancient Egyptian scientist, architect, priest and god of healing and wisdom.


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