Hyper MAX
HG2 Engine11
Cost 80000
First found Coine or Parts Shop
Power 600
Energy Use 20
Game Description "Power 600

Energy Use 20"

The Hyper MAX engine is the 2nd best engine for speed in Choro-Q HG 2, after the Devil Engine. To acquire the Hyper MAX, the player must collect all 100 Choro-Q Coin and go to Coine in My City and get them off his/her Choro-Q Coin Shop. The engine has a air scoop attached to it, with the scoop sticking out of the hood like a drag racing car. It is the only engine to stick out except the Devil Engine. Once it is unlocked, it can be bought at the Parts Shop at My City for 80,000 currency.

Despite the engine being incredibly fast at the racetrack, it is very weak for exploration as it eats up a lot of fuel and should not be used with the Jet Turbine. However, when racing, there are two races that are so incredibly long, that you shouldn't even equip your Jet Turbine. These races are the Lagoon Raceway and the Miner 49er Raceway.

You can use this for getting the trophies you missed in prior races and it can be used for winning the World Grand Prix several times.