City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Brown/Black Citroen 2CV

Ichijiko is the curator of Scratch Museum. He has a brother who lives completely alone in a cave, he gives you a rice ball to give to him just to ensure that he's alright. After that, he gives you an part-time job.


  • "Hello and welcome. This is the Scratch Museum. We have many artefacts on exhibit. I am Ichijiko, the curator of this museum. Nice to meet you. What would you like to do?"
  • "Umm, could you do me a favour? There's this thing I'm worried about. Well you see I have this very dependent little brother. I guess it bothered him, so all of a sudden he told me that he was going to live without my help. And so he left. I really didn't mind spoiling him, but I have to listen to what he wants to do. I am so worried. I can't even take a nap. I wonder where he is right now. I bet he's starving somewhere. So I have a favour to ask of you. If it's quite possible. Can I give my little brother a rice ball?"
  • "Oh, thank you so much. Here's the rice ball. I made it myself. Thank you so much. And please, don't let him know it's from me. He's becoming so independent. I shouldn't keep looking after him."
  • "Oh! It's you! How was my brother? Really? He was doing good? So relieved, so relieved. Thank you very much. I have nothing to worry about now. I'll give you this in return. Oh yes. Would you like to work for me a little bit? It's rather profitable. I just want you to race with our sign on. The benefits of advertisement are humongous. If you'd do this, I'd get a lot of customers. How about it? How about it? It's easy isn't it? For every mile, how's 15{insert monetary unit}?"
  • "I see. It's not a bad deal at all."


  • In the game, Ichijiko's name on the Rice Balls description is spelt as "Ichijico".


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