|name = Ikari |image = file:Ikari.png |city = Scratch Mountain |gender = Male |car = Blue Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST205)}}Ikari is a traveller in Scratch Mountain. Suddenly, he starts crying because he forgot his suitcase for the holiday, once the protagonist has found and given the suitcase back to him, he gives you the Moo Moo Horn in return. When you complete the World Grand Prix, he decided he wanted to become famous.


  • (sobbing) I'm in a fix.. What to do, what to do.. Me's precious precious package has disappeared! Me misplaced it somewhere. Pretty please! Pretty please! If you find it, tell me!
  • Hey! That's... !!! You found it!! Thank you!!! Ooooo!! You're such a great guy! Me give you this in return. Me take it back now. Thank! Thank! You!


  • Ikari (怒り) is Japanese for "anger".