Island Bridge is the bridge that links Peach Town to Fuji City. It is measured to be nearly 1.1 km long.


Island Bridge streches across the Peach/Fuji Bay, and is widely known to be the biggest bridge in Choro-Q HG 2.


By starting from Peach Town central, head east down the road with the Coffee Shop, and take a right onto the main highway. A straight road will take the player down the bay and to the bridge.


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  • Barthou, in Peach Town refers to this as the biggest bridge and a great place to wander around in the night.
  • The dividing bump is so high that if a car hits it at a high speed it may fly over the bridge, into the Grand Ocean.
  • The length of the bridge can be found by researching the average/top speed of the car and time it took to fully cross it.
  • The bridge could've taken inspiration from various Japanese wangan bridges, considering their length.