City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car White Honda S-MX
Recruitable Yes

Jack (Japanese: ジャック Jakku) drives around Keitel's sons' houses. He tells you that he has a girlfriend who lives in a house near some windmills.


  • (Before recruiting him) "I saw you! Your race was great! I really need strong racers. If you don't mind, will you replace one of your teammate with me?"
  • (Declining his request) "I wanted to be a member, but I can't? All right, I got it. I'll forget about it this time."
  • (Accepting his request) "Thanks a lot. You won't regret this choice."
  • (Whilst on your team) "You've come just to visit me? Having a teammate is great."
  • "Hey, listen to this. Listen. I have a date on the hill by the windmills soon. It's a beautiful site! Yeah. Huh? Where are they? Go straight along the river, east of White Mountain."


  • Jack has a body that, sometimes, you can start off with at the game.


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