City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Cedar Brown 1969 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R

Jadek is Daktan's father, waiting impatiently for him to come home because his son is in the Tough Chicks. After you reconcile both father and son, Jadek gives you the Kamakura Screen as a reward.


  • "Mumble...He doesn't come home. Oh, I have to do something."
  • "I'm not doing too well. I have a problem that I have to do something about it. The problem is about my only son, Daktan. Ahhh.... I must do something about it. What do you think? He never comes back home... Ahhh... I must do something about it. I want him to quit the gang. Can you bring him back?"
  • "Really! I know it'll be hard, but I'll be counting on you."
  • (After the protagonist convinces Daktan) "Oh! {Protagonist's Name}. Thank you so much! Daktan is back. As a way of thanks, please take this."
  • "Daktan comes home now, all because of you. Thank you very much."
  • "Daktan seems happier these days. Thanks for your help."


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