James (Japanese: ジェームズ Jēmuzu) is a Choro-Q that can be found driving around the outskirts of Peach Town, and sometimes through Kinsera's Peach Farm.

When you first meet him, he tells you he is hungry and wants to eat a Peach, which can be found growing from the Peach Tree just by the river, although he can't obtain one himself as he is not strong enough to hit it down. If you hit the tree by driving into it, the peach will successfully fall into the river and you can drive into it to collect it. However, you must not wait too long, as it will otherwise be carried away by the current and into the Grand Ocean.

Once you have given the peach to James, he will be very happy, and you'll obtain Stamp 8. He will also now become recruitable as a teammate.

James is a highly experienced racer and normally finishes in the top 5 positions. This is true for most races he participates in, unless pushed back by your teammates or other racers. He is particularly a great racer at Peach Raceway, and will normally finish in 1st-3rd place. James is a character in the game whom is highly advised to be a teammate in your races.


  • "Hello. Nice day for a drive. Hey! Hey! Did you hear? Near the river in Peach Town, there is a huge peach tree. Its peaches are about to fall! Slamming against the tree sometimes causes peaches to fall, but I am not strong enough. I'd really like to taste one. Won't someone bring me a peach?"
  • "Why, hello! What? You brought me a peach? Thank you! I'm so happy. I've always wanted a peach, but it was just out of my reach."
  • "Hi! I may not look like it, but I'm a pretty good racer. If you'd like... I mean, if it's not too much trouble, how about adding me to your team?"
  • (Declining his teammate request) "Too bad. Maybe next time."
  • (Accepting his teammate request) "Yeah! Thank you. We're teammates. Let's do our best!!!"
  • (Whilst on the team) "Hehehe. Team racing is so much fun! We'll do our best in the next race. Let's do our best!!!"


  • James can only be recruited as a team-mate once you have brought a peach for him to eat.
  • The name James, along with the Stamp 8 task of bringing him a peach, is a reference to the Roald Dahl book/film James & The Giant Peach.
  • In the Endurance Run, James will end up lapping the weaker racers at least twice.
  • James has the same body as Moisy, the Choro-Q who wants a Canary Recorder.