Faction Proton Kingdom
Gender Male
Military vehicle Forest Green/White LVTP7
Military rank None (it is Taichō in Japan, however it is not any military rank.)

Jevons (originally known in Japan as ミーンテース隊長 (Mīntēsu Taichō Partyleader Mīntēsu) is the second commanding tank found in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is the leader of the Proton Civilian Resistance Unit.

Quotes Edit

  • (Spotted some of his reinforcements) "!? Good, they're here."
  • (About to bring news to Lieutenant General Ahmadi in Bacherit) "Lt. General! They found the King's Hideout!!"
  • (After he heard the news about the King of Proton in Naldnick) "WHAT!?"
  • (Rushing to Major Rodeschild and Lieutenant General Ahmadi in Zambneal before crashing into a mine) "Big news!"
  • (Blown up by a mine in Zambneal) "WOW! Ouch..."
  • (About the Q-Steins' plan) "Enemy is coming in the north-east. They're trying to confuse us."


  • Jevons is originally known in Japan as ミーンテース隊長 (Mīntēsu Taichō Partyleader Mīntēsu, and if there was an official English translation, the name, "Mīntēsu" might be spelled such as "Meantace", "Meantayce", "Meentace", "Meentayce" and so on.
  • The character is named after Dan Jevons, whose name you see in the staff roll in the North American version.


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