City Papaya Island
Gender Male
Car Blue/Red Renault 5 Turbo
Recruitable Yes

John drives around the shoreline of Papaya Island. When he races, he doesn't have to check his rear view mirrors which he has revealed. He knows about Pollepolle the shaman on a small island with a hut with a rainbow on top which leads up to Cloud Hill. He is also recruitable 5 Midship.


  • Hey! Hello! Have you gone to Pollepolle's house, on the north side of Papaya Island? From there, you can go to Cloud Hill in the sky!
  • (before recruiting him) Hey! I'm a beach boy. I'm confident about racing. I feel bad for your teammate, but please, let me join your team.
  • (declining his request) Oh... I can't join your team? Come and see me whenever you change your mind.
  • (accepting his request) Yeah! Yes! I knew you were a nice guy. I'll try hard instead of your old teammate!
  • (whilst on your team) Hey! Teammate! I'm a beach boy! No, I'm a race boy! I'm ready! I'll do my best!
  • By the way, I'm handsome. I think so whenever I see myself in the mirror. Ha ha!


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