Johnny (Japanese: ジョニー Jonī) is the host of the Drag Racing minigame. He is also the opponent you race against in the minigame. He seems to have an energetic, lively personality and is eager to challenge anyone. He probably talks fast, and says 'hey' alot.


  • "Hey! I'm Johnny the drag racer! How about it? You want to challenge me? Do you want to Drag Race?"
  • (After the protagonist said "Yes indeed!!") "Ok! Let's get to the starting point!"
  • (When the protagonist see him again) "Hey! I live for drag racing! Do you want to Drag Race?"
  • (After the protagonist said "No way") "Hey! That's not cool! Well, I'm up for it anytime!"
  • (After the protagonist lost) "Hey, hey, hey! You're not quite there. You can't win against Johnny racing like that! Drag race again?"
  • (After the protagonist won and beat the lap time) "Hey, hey, hey! I'm shocked! You beat me! You beat me! You beat the record time of 8 seconds! I've to practise! Come and challenge me again!"


  • He commonly uses slang, such as "that's not cool" or "heck yeah!"
  • If you win the drag race quick enough, he will say "not fast enough yet?" instead of admitting he lost.