|name = Jonus |image = file:Jonus.png |city = Nyaky |gender = Male |car = Red Ferrari 512BB}}Jonus is a gentleman originally from Poqui. After the player becomes the new legend, he sees that everyone knows his origins as he will stop acting like a noble.


  • "I'm a modern gentleman! Whatever they may say, I'm a gentleman!"
  • "Hey, you there. Don't be jealous of my good looks. I'm the true gentleman!"
  • "Well, everybody now knows that I'm from Poqui. I'll stop being a gentleman."
  • "Huh? Hey there! You look Poqui-ish. What? You're not? You should swagger in a gentle-man's outfit in this town."
  • "Did you see the previous GP? Well, I've become so excited"