City Peach Town, formerly from White Mountain
Gender Female
Car Chestnut Orange 1998 Honda Z
Recruitable Yes

Jousset (Japanese: ジョセット Jousset) is a chestnut-coloured Honda Z you meet in Peach Town. She only becomes recruitable after the protagonist delivers Lettar's package to her. She lives on the Peach Town ring road between Kevin's Mum's house and the Paint Shop. She also says that she is from White Mountain, but enjoys living in Peach Town.


  • "How do you do! My name is Jousset! I am from White Mountain. But I enjoy living in Peach Town."
  • (On Lettar's package the protagonist were told to deliver) "Wait-a-sec...oh! It's the gift from my favourite uncle. Yesterday was my birthday... I didn't receive anything and I was a little worried. Thank you for delivering it!"
  • (Before recruiting her) "Well, right now I race alone. One is a lonely number. Hey, how about letting me in your team?"
  • (Declining her request) "Oh, that's too bad... Well, good luck on your race."
  • (Accepting her request) "Thanks. I am gonna try my hardest."
  • (Whilst on your team) "Racing is so much fun. Can't wait for the next one!"
  • "What? What's in the package? Uh-huh, it's a secret."


  • Jousset may be of French-Canadian origin, as the name 'Jousset' is a French name and she used to live in White Mountain which is a colder region, which Canada is one of the cold countries.


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