|name = Kalaa |city = Echo Forest |gender = Female |car = Pink Mazda RX-7 FD|image = file:Kalaa.png}}Kalaa is Edima's girlfriend and Rica's daughter, she dated Edima at the abandoned building as a dating spot. After Edima went back to his job, Kalaa decided to go home too.


  • "Mum was like "But you were fine yesterday."
Edima: "Hehehehe. That's so funny."
  • "Don't you think? And then... !! Where'd you..."
Edima: "I was so intrigued in my story, I wasn't aware that someone came in."
  • "Please don't tell mother that we were here. In return, I'll give you this. Well, good day to you."
  • "Edima returned to his job. I should go home too."