City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Black/Green/Red/Purple Kamikaze Kamikate

Kamikaze is the fastest unknown German racer who appears in the Royal Cup after Otto has been deceased. He speaks only German. In some courses he is near to impossible to beat without the correct parts (Like Planet Jump).

Quotes Edit

  • (overtakes the player in Noble Cup) "Frankfurt! Matterhorn!"
  • (passes the protagonist in Noble cup) "Nieder geslagen!"
  • (passes the protagonist in noble cup) "Dies, unde, aie, komut!"

Quotes in Japanese versionEdit

  • ニーダー ゲシュラーゲン!

In German : Niedergeschlagen!

Meaning : (I was) shocked!

  • ダス、ダルフ、ドッホ、ニヒト、ベアザイン?

In German : Das darf doch nicht wahr sein!

Meaning : It can't be true!

  • ディーフラウデェェ! ズィッヒャーリッヒ・・

In German : Die Freude! Sicherlich..

Meaning : The joy! Sure..

  • ダス、アルテ、ゲート! ダス、ノイエ、コムト!

In German : Das Alte geht, und das Neue kommt.

Meaning : The past thing goes, and the new thing comes.

  • ゾルイッヒ、オダー! ゾルイッヒ、ニヒト?

In German : Soll ich oder! Soll ich nicht?

Meaning : Should I (do), or should not I (do)?

  • フランクフルトォォ! マッターホルン!

In German : Frankfurt! Matterhorn!

Explanation : Frankfurt is the city in Germany. Matterhorn is the mountain in Germany.


  • Kamikaze's full name is Kamikaze Kamitake (カミタケ・カミカゼ Kamitake Kamikaze), as this is what's written on the back page of the instruction manual of Choro-Q HG4 (Japanese version of Choro-Q for PS2).
  • Kamikaze's body is an original car which was created by Tadashi Kamitake (上武 理志 Kamitake Tadashi) who is a designer at Barnhouse Effect Corporation.
  • He is revealed by one of the inhabitants in Brachy.
  • One of the inhabitants in Nyaky found out that he is in town right now.


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