City White Mountain
Gender Female
Car Tan/Navy Blue Suzuki Kei
Recruitable No

Kate is the owner of her Wool Shop. This gray suzuki kei can give you a £40 per mile salary by driving around with a billboard. She will give you the choice of whether you want the billboard or not. If you decline you can re-enter her house if you change your mind and then take it.


  • "Hello!! Welcome to the Wool Shop. Do you want a nice warm wool? What was that? Oh! You're not here to buy wool? Hmmm... Are you looking for a place to work? People's interest in wool is growing. That's why I want more racers and drivers in this town to ride with my sign. So, would you advertise for me? I'll pay 40 {insert currency} for 1 kilometre. Would you like to do it?"
  • (if you disagree to work) "Oh. I see... I'm disappointed. Come again!"
  • "Hello! Welcome!! You again! How are you? Wool is a wonderful fabric. I wish youngsters knew how great it is. I sure need your help spreading the word. Would you like to do it?"
  • (after you agree to work) "Oh! Well, thank you very much. Here is the sign. I'll put it on, okay? You can also have your friends wear the sign. Come back after you ride around for awhile."


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