City Nyaky
Gender Female
Car Blue 1967 Toyota 2000GT

Kaybert is the chief of Team Sovass, and is the lover of Olstri. During the 3rd race of Otto's Grand Prix, her and Shutiege of Team Getra will be involved in an accident that takes the two out of the race, with Olstri filling in for Kaybert in the last two races.


  • "Only authorized people can enter here! Leave now!"
  • "You must be an applicant. I'm sorry, but... we don't accept at nights. Come again during the day."
  • (To the protagonist, who wants to tryout for Team Sovass) "Do you have confidence?"
Protagonist: "That's why I'm here!"
"All right. We are strengthening our team right now. Even if the driving's, well... It might be of some help. OK! Let's see your driving. See you at the Oval Circuit."
  • (When coming for re-test) "Hey, you came back again."
  • (If the protagonist failed the test) "It's a waste of time. I thought you could do better than that!"
  • (If the protagonist accomplishes the test) "Not bad for a newbie. OK, welcome to our team! Now you can join the Pro Cup as a member of Team Sovass. And also, here is the cash contribution. We're counting on you."
  • "Oh! {protagonist}, how are you? Be sure to condition yourself for the next Grand Prix."
  • "Oh! {protagonist}. If you have time to visit, practice! I am counting on you at the next Grand Prix."
  • (After she has left the hospital) "Oh! {protagonist}. I made you worry. But I'm fine now. My private doctor is excellent. I even feel better than before. But enough about that. I have something to tell you. You won Otto. Well done. Your achievement deserves praise. However... don't get carried away. I'm counting on you."
  • "Excellent record. What will you do next?"
  • "Nice record. What will you do next?"
  • "Your record could be better. What will you do next?"
  • (Overtaken by the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "Dear, that's too rough!"
  • (Overtaken by the player protagonist the Grand Prix) "Oh no! How embarrassing!"
  • (In well condition) "La La La! I can sing the way I can dance!"
  • (In poor condition) "Hmm, looks like I can't practice well today."
  • (In great condition) "I'll show you my power!"
  • (Passes the protagonist in Grand Prix) "Gadzooks!"
  • (Overtaken by the protagonist) "Oh, my, my, my!"
  • (Passes the protagonist in Grand Prix) "Oh, goodness."
  • (Passes the protagonist in Grand Prix, if they are part of Sovass) "Oh? Why are you in the back?"
  • (If the protagonist wins the Grand Prix as part of Sovass) "At last! The dream of overall victory. I expect the same from you."


  • Kaybert is mistaken as a male by Harball.
  • Morka explains how Ania had influenced Kaybert to become a racer.


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