|name = Keish |image = file:Keish.png |city = Nyaky |gender = Female |car = Light Yellow Alpine A110 1600S}}Keish (pronounced as "kay-sh") (Japanese: ケーシュ Kēshu) is the religious captain of Team Megbeth.

Quotes Edit

  • (overtakes the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "OH! Thank goodness!"
  • (overtakes the protagonist during the Grand Prix) '"Such a blessing!"
  • (overtakes the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "Please forgive me!"
  • (overtakes the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "Forgive me"
  • (overtaken during the Grand Prix) '"OH! Help me!!"
  • (overtaken during the Grand Prix) "Heavens protect me!"
  • (overtaken during the Grand Prix) '"Someone is always watching out for me!"
  • (overtaken during the Grand Prix) "Where's my help!?"
  • "By the way, good luck. Let's hang out together. What!? Hey, where ya goin'?"
  • "C'mon. We're both ChoroQs. That makes us brothers! So you and me are a family. What!? Hey, don't take off yet!"
  • "Look out! Here comes the boss! You should pay your respects. The boss can help if you cut off a-- Hey! Where ya goin'!?"
  • "Wow! What a driver! See?! That's why he's the boss! He's sooo cool! Hey! Where do ya think you're goin'!?"
  • "Great car father Megbeth, allow me to pay my respects. You look clean and waxed."
  • "No one else's rims sparkle in the sun like yours do. Make us all offers that we can't refuse."


  • One of the original Japanese dialog of hers, 「ですから、あなたとわたしは、かぞくです。」 (So, you and me are a family.), is translated as "That makes us brothers!". This makes English-speaking players confused whether Keish is a male, but because the Japanese dialog doesn't say so, and sometimes she talks as a female in Japan, so she is commonly considered as a female.