City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Black De Lorean DMC 12

Kellog is the exhibitor of the Vase Exhibition Museum, he found out that his vase got stolen by someone else. His wife Eleanor had the vase and wants it back but Eleanor wanted evidence otherwise there can't be an argument. After the vase has returned Kellogg can now continue his research.


  • "Oh, hello! Nice to meet you. Are you here to tour the museum too? This building over here is for examining new artefacts. I'm the professor in Archaeology here. Take your time and look around. Well, I'm off to........huh? What the...? Wait a minute.. Nooooo!! The vase is missing!!! Have you seen it? It was an old vase that was sitting right here. Oh, this is not good. There's so much research that had to be done about that vase. If it's not too much trouble, could you help me look for the vase? It's a brown old vase."
  • "Oh wow! Thank you so much! If you find any information, I'd like to hear about it. Thank you so much for everything."
  • "Hmm...It's nowhere. Where did you go vase? What was that? There was a suspicious vase of Eleanor's? What? Eleanor's house house! Because Eleanor is my wife! What? If I don't have any evidence, she won't give it back? That's not good. Oh hey, can you take this to her? It's a picture of when we dug it up. I'm so sorry to bother you. I should probably be the one going. But thank you!"
  • "Hi! Welcome! Thanks for everything. The vase was properly returned. I wasn't even aware it was bothering Eleanor. I've decided to come home from now on. Thanks to you everything's fixed now. Thank you so much. This is a sign of my gratitude. I hope you like it. It'd make me happy if you like it."


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