City Papaya Island
Gender Female
Car Green Porsche 911 (964)
Recruitable Yes

Kerori is the wife of a scientist named Sandro, suddenly Kerori got lost somewhere near the lake. When you talk to her after meeting Sandro she will say she cried because she saw a portrait of a red car in his house, she then realises that it was her when she was younger.


  • "Oh?? My Sandro? He told you that? Oh, how embarrassing... Well, that's okay. To tell you the truth, I had doubts about him. Yesterday while I was cleaning the house, I found a picture of a girl with a red body. I was so sad. But then I realised that the girl in the picture was me when I was young! Oh, what a silly mistake I made. I've troubled you too. I'm sorry, and thank you! I'm going home."
  • "What? Was I able to make up with him? Of course, we're in love again. Thank you for everything. Thank you!"
  • (before recruiting him) "What? Racing? I'm a better racer than Sandro. He says that's what attracted him to me. What? Did you say, you want to put me on your team?"
  • (declining his request) "Oh, did I hear it wrong? Well, that's OK. I have Sandro."
  • (accepting his request) "Now that I'm on your team, we will win. I'll try hard, instead of your old teammate."
  • (whilst on your team) "What? What does Sandro think about me joining your team? He's very happy."