|name = Kevin |image = File:kevin.jpg |caption = Kevin around town. |city = Peach Town |gender = Male |car = Red 1998 VW Beetle |recruit = No}}Kevin (known in Japan as ケビン (Kebin Kevin) is a Red Volkswagen Beetle found in Peach Town. He is disorientated and is unaware of his surroundings. If you find him, you receive Stamp 4 and appreciation from his mother.

Kevin can be found on a road coming out of Peach Town, the opposite side of the Traffic circle in Peach Town. You must move into him to talk to him and he will go back to his mother's house and get the stamp.


  • (when you find him) "Mummy? Huh? Who are you? I can't find my way home. Please! Take me to my house!
  • (if you disagree to take him home) What?! How will I get home?! I want my mummy!
  • (if you come back for him after disagreeing to take him home) *sob* You came back for me?! Please! Take me to my house!
  • (if you agree to take him home) Yay! I'm going home!
  • "Thank you sir. I won't get lost again."


  • Kevin and his mother are different versions of the Volkswagen Beetle, both in the same colour. Kevin is the newer, modern-day model, while his mother is the older, classic model.
  • Even after you take him home, for some strange reason, Kevin goes around the way that he's calling for his mum, saying he won't get lost again. 
  • He is the only car that you cant ask for a team mate