King of Fuji City
City Fuji City
Gender Male
Car Yellow 1974 Toyota Crown [S60]
Recruitable No

The King is the King of Fuji City. If the protagonist enters his castle they can race him in the Sliding Door Race. He is not to be confused with Mr. King, who resides in Sandpolis.


  • "Heh? You don't look familiar. I'm the King of Fuji City! I'm the greatest man! How about racing against me? It's a man's race! Do you want to race me?"
  • (after the protagonist agree to race him) "OK! Fair and square!"
  • (after the protagonist lost) "Hahaha! I won! You have a long road to travel. I'll race you anytime! Hehe."
  • (about the rules of Sliding Door Race) "These are the rules! At the start signal, start driving. The doors will open up as you approach them. Whoever stops closest to the edge is the winner! You won't see the goal until the door slides open! Did you understand the rules?"
  • (when the protagonist wanted to leave) "I see. Too bad. Well, come back anytime."
  • "Ho! Welcome! How about racing against me? It's a man's race! Do you want to race me?"
  • (after the protagonist won) "Argh! How frustrating! You won! Great driving! Come back and play anytime."


  • He is also the father of Princess Nanaha.
  • It seems strange why there would be an acting Monarch along with a President as Head of State, most likely the King would have ceremonial duties within the city limits keeping in line with the Japanese style of the city while maintaining no political power. Alternatively, it is possible that Fuji City and the island it sits on is semi-autonomous (Has a certain level of freedom to make their own decisions but external Government can intervene if needed) and therefore a Monarch as a Head of State for Fuji City is entirely possible.


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