King of Nibelia
Nibelia King
Faction Nibelia
Gender Male
Military vehicle White/Gold Sherman Firefly
Military rank King

The King of Nibelia is the leader of the Island nation of Nibelia. He thanks the Protons for saving his country. He offers his country's assistance to the Protons in return by helping them to transport their supplies, and sending some of Nibelia's troops lead by Captain Boane to help them invade the Q-Stein territory. He is later seen in the ending standing alongside with the King of Proton granting the player the honor for saving the world.

Quotes Edit

  • (After the Protons salvaged all the way to Nibelia) "Thank you. Our navy has been suppressed. Our country wants to thank you."
  • (When Major Rodeschild insists on transporting the supplies) "Let us help you with it. We will send some troops. Boane will be leading them."


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