King of Proton 
Proton King
Faction Proton Kingdom 
Gender Male
Military vehicle White/Gold M24 Chaffee
Military rank King

The King of Proton is the ruler of the Proton Kingdom. He is seen a few times in the game, he is rescued in the mission "Defend!" and is seen in the ending standing alongside with the Nibelian King granting the player the honour for saving the world.


When the Q-Stein Empire invaded the Proton Kingdom, the king was forced to flee the capital of Bacherit to avoid assassination or capture. For the time being during the Q-Steins' rule over the country, the king had been taking refuge in a camp hideout in the woods south of the capital, which remained a secret to the Q-Steins. It wasn't until later on in the game after the Protons had retaken the cities of Bacherit and Naldnick that the Q-steins learned of the hideout's location and launched a direct assault on it. Luckily, the Protons knew of it and a small force of units made up of the player, Jevons and a few resistance units were able to hold off the attacking Q-Steins long enough for Major Rodeschild and Lt.Gen. Ahmadi to arrive with reinforcements, forcing the Q-Steins to retreat. The king then emerges from the tent and Rodeschild informs him that they have recovered the capital and advises the king to return to the castle. The king is last seen after the player defeats the Q-Stein Emperor. He along with the Nibelian King grants the player the honour for saving the world. His royal guard fire there main weapons in the air in salute.

Quotes Edit

  • (after he was rescued) "My people come first."


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