City Peach Town
Gender Male
Car Blue Dodge Ram Pickup
Recruitable Yes

Kinsera is a baby blue Dodge Ram Pickup and he is a farmer and lives in Peach Farm where it's between Jones' House and Milton's House. Kinsera can only be recruitable once you tell him how nice his farm is. For a reward, he gives you the Local Peach Wine for your garage decoration. If you visit his after you tell him how nice his farm is but before you have your own fan club, he will say that you haven't drank your wine yet and that you are saving it.


  • Hey! Are you new here? Our delicacy is Peach wines. Well? How's our farm?
  • (if you said his farm is OK) You can't see the greatness...whatever! Go on, get out!
  • Oh! It's you again! You want to look at my great farm?
  • (if you said his farm is very nice) Well! I knew you'd understand! Ha! Here's some Peach wine. Come back and visit again.
  • (before recruiting him) Running this farm takes great strength. How about switching one of your teammates for me?
  • (declining his teammate request) Oh? I see... Holler if you change your mind. Peach Wine Power, to the Max!
  • (accepting his teammate request) All right! Let's ride! Peach Wine Power, to the Max!
  • (whilst on your team) We just got started! Next race - let's stay strong. Peach Wine Power, to the Max!


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