City Echo Forest
Gender Female
Car Green/Yellow 1986 Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Kirisa is the inhabitant who revealed about a legendary meister and recommends if the protagonist can beat him. After they gave her the frog ornament, she gives the protagonist her CD and asks the protagonist to put it on so she can be their biggest fan. She revealed about a band called The Pink Sardines.

Quotes Edit

  • "If, by any chance, you end up challenging the Meister in Grunge Garden, come back to this village? I think there's something that may help you here.....what am I saying? You, a Meister?? I'm sorry."
  • "Aren't Sleepy Mushrooms white? Wait. Red? I've forgotten which one is which."
  • "Oh, the Frog Ornament I have asked FroKero to make. Thank you for delivering it. Oh, do you know the Pink Sardines? It's a very famous band. I have a music disc, so I'll let you borrow it. Please listen to it in your garage. I will be your biggest fan."
  • (after the protagonist has beaten the meister and then visit her) "Wow you've beaten the meister. You're really something out of this world, are you?"


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