City My City
Gender Male
Car Blue 1998 Nissan Stagea
Recruitable No

Kite (known in the Japanese version as カイト (Kaito)) is an inhabitant first found driving around on Papaya Island. He wants to run a Second-Hand Shop, so he can buy and sell parts that are old and vintage, which Choro-Q's do not need anymore. If you tell him about My City, he will move there and set up a Second-Hand Shop, where you can now sell any of your parts to him which you no longer wish to keep, for half the original price. Two other buildings are on either side of the shop that can't be entered.

When you first arrive in My City on the NTSC version of the game, he and the Second-Hand Shop are already present here. This appears to be a developer-related coding activation oversight. However, this is not the case in the NTSC-J and PAL versions, as you must initially talk to him on Papaya Island where he should normally be located at first, and tell him about moving to My City.


  • "Hello, my name is Kite. Vintage things are nice. There's something cool about them I want to buy old things from people who don't need them anymore."
  • "What? Open a second-hand shop?! That's a great idea! If you find any place that needs a shop like that, tell me!"
  • (Before telling him about My City) "What? Open a second-hand shop? That's a great idea! Is there any place that needs a shop like that?"
  • (After telling him about My City) "Oh, My City? Open a second-hand shop there? Thanks for the great idea! I'm gonna go there!"
  • "Hi! Long time, no see. It's me, Kite, from Papaya Island. Thank you for everything. With your help, I was able to open a second-hand shop here. If you have parts you don't need, we'll buy it at half the price you paid for it. Do you want to sell any parts?"
  • "What do you want to sell?"
  • "We'll be waiting for you..."


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