Kiyokichi is a recruitable car found in Fuji City. He is seen driving in the moat that encloses Fuji City Castle, and is keen on the Treasure Hunting Maze. Kiyokichi reveals that he used to play Chicken with the King of Fuji City and he lost, but he always keeps him busy.


  • (Before recruiting him) "Hey, you know what? I'm proud of my driving. Will you let me join your team?"
  • (Declining his request) "What?! Too bad! Come see me if you change your mind."
  • (Accepting his request) "Hahaha! Thanks! We're a team! I'll be a great teammate!"
  • (Whilst on the team) "I'm so lucky to be on your team. You take good care of others."
  • "Well, see you. Oh yeah, did you play with the King? I'm jealous! Where do you find the time?"

Trivia Edit

  • Although Kiyokichi's body is purple, his body looks blue when underwater. The only times he is outside of the moat is when he races at Ninja Temple Raceway and certain events while he is on your team, such as racing at other tracks, playing Soccer, equipping him with new parts at Q's Factory, etc.