City Scratch Mountain
Gender Female
Car Purple/White Austin-Healey Sprite (Mark I)

Kofy is an inhabitant of Scratch Mountain, that lives in a house under a rockface. When you first meet her, she tells you that she doesn't like strangers simply coming into her home, and wishes you had been more respectful of this. However, she is not worried about it for long and will give you a Green Book, as a first meeting gift. She will then enjoy talking to you when you visit in the future. On one of these occasions, she will ask what type of food you dislike, and your answer is automatically inserted. This will be the custom food choice you made, from when first starting the game. She will always give the same response and say that the food is good, no matter what food type you decided to enter.


  • "Hi, nice to meet you. Hm, {Protagonist's Name} huh. But why do you walk into people's houses without permission? I really don't like strangers walking in. Don't you think so? I mean, I don't know what kind of person you are, and there is such a thing as privacy. I'd really wish you'd respect that. Well, I'll overlook it next time. I believe I've also said a little too much. I hope you don't worry about it. Well, as a commemoration of when we first met, I'll give this to you. See ya."
  • "Hi {Protagonist's Name}! I was just thinking you probably should be showing up soon. That thing we talked about before, it was fun. This time... Lets see... What foods do you dislike? What? {Insert food}? Really? You're kidding! But it's so good!! That smell, the texture.. It's excellent! Why don't you understand! Well, I don't have any dislikes! In food, at least! For a good girl like me, it's unforgivable. But I do hate bugs. I just can't stand them!! Why do they have so many legs?? Well, having things you like and dislike is not good. We should both try to like what we dislike. What? You're leaving already? Awwww. Well, see you later!"
  • (After you have won the Grand Prix) "Hi!! {Protagonist's Name}!! What? Really?? You've won the Grand Prix? That's so great! Why didn't you tell me earlier? You're such a bashful person. But really, that's so great! Wow, only you {Protagonist's Name}. Seriously, congratulations. I'm so happy for you. I'm sure {Famous Person Name} would be surprised with this news. Well, see you again!"


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