City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Gold Mercedes-Benz 300CE '95

Korshall is the deity known as "The God of Races", he is revealed by Gedluna. He tells you all about the history of when Choro-Q once started racing. He grants you the honour by giving you a CD and the moral that will help you. He thinks that you shouldn't rely on parts.


  • "Who woke me out of my deep sleep!? I'm Korshall. I'm not an evil spirit. I'll tell you the history of Choro-Q that no one knows. Choro-Q has its history. Choro-Q used to race with poor performance parts. We had bad roads and handmade parts. They broke down easily. But everyone raced very hard. And they partied afterwards. Their life was hard. But that's why they were into the race! Don't rely on parts. Winning or losing means nothing if your heart's not in it. If you lose sight of the reason why you're racing...come back here and think on it. I came up with a good phrase: "The course where we race/what we leave behind is nothing but/the imprint of a tyre."


  • Korshall isn't a 3D Choro-Q, when your camera is on the other side, he will still face your camera. He is a 2D image not a 3D model.


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