City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Purple/Grey 1998 Honda Z

Kotz is the planner of Starksy Corporation, he said he has been working on every little steps and has been making his progress up the ladder. His careful planning can win him the presidency.


  • "Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Kotz. I'm grateful to meet you. I believe that work should be done in tiny steps. Yes. Each little step is important. Instead of making millions at once, you should slowly and steadily work up to it. I believe that's what business is. Well, I have to return to work now. I have to work one little step at a time. Well, if you have time, feel free to visit."
  • (if he is selected as president) "Hello, I'm happy to meet with you again. Well, something good happened. I've become the Company President! I am so happy. It must have been because I worked one step at a time. It was good that I believed in myself. From now on, I believe that the company should modestly start advertising. So, I'd like to start off with having someone have our logo on their car. That way, our company name will be known to a wider audience. And this is where you come in. Would you like to help us? All you have to do is put our logo on and drive around. For every mile, we'll pay 20____."
  • "Thank you very much. This is the logo... Here, let me put it on. Please come visit sometimes. I will pay you depending on the distance you've travelled."


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