|name = Kuwal |city = Noise City |gender = Female |car = Tan 1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC110)|image = file:Kuwal.png}}Kuwal is a tramp living in a makeshift house in the sewers. She loves her home because she thinks it's "cool and outrageous". When you first visit her, she offers you a Used and Abused Sticker for 3000G and will always have it in her possession until you purchase the sticker. After you have completed the World Grand Prix she then wants to win it too because she thinks being a Grand Prix Champion is "cool and outrageous" and wonders how you became one.


  • I was looking for some place cool and outrageous, and I ended up in this town... I'm looking for something more outrageous! But before that, I need money! I'll sell you my cherished sticker for 3000____.
  • You won't buy it? That's nonsense! It's my beloved sticker! Well, if you change your mind, come back. I can't guarantee that it'll still be here!
  • Thank you very much! Now here's my beloved sticker! I cherished it alot, it's little ragged looking...
  • Cool and outrageous! Cool and outrageous! I want to live cool and outrageous!
  • Oh, that frog ornament! It's so cool and outrageous!! Thank you!! Now I'm a step closer to being cool and outrageous!