City Echo Forest
Gender Female
Car Yellow CQ motors - Qi Quno Q-car

Kyuno is a special person hiding in the cellar of the abandoned building after Kalaa and Edima are gone, she said she's a new idol and she doesn't want people seeing her and she lost her key somewhere. When you found her key, she'll give you her body and she'll never be seen again.

Kyuno (known as Quno in Japan) is an environmentally friendly car which is seen in Japan. They look like toy cars ,but they are really the cars that they run. The maker is "CQ motors", the name is Quno [pronunced:Q-no] or Qi [pronunced:Q-I]. The formal name is Q-car.


  • Hello. I'm Kyuno, the idol. I'm still rather new. I came here to Echo Forest to play, but I lost my house key. I'd like to go out and look for it, but since I'm an idol, I don't want people to see me too much. If you do find the key, will you bring it to me? I'll give you my treasure in return.
  • Oh that, that's my key! You found it. Thank you. Here's what I promised. I give Please take good care of it.


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