Lakeside Castle is Grunge Garden's racecourse where the race takes place in a castle which is near the lake, this is where the player starts the very first short race to acquire a flag.


  • There is a shortcut that cuts through the lake where there are a few fish inhabiting in it. It is recommended to use the Hover Craft or Ship Bottom or else you will sink and drive slower.
  • There are govels in the Middle and Long courses where they will bash incoming racers against the walls so drive fast to avoid them.
  • In the sewers there is a shortcut that cuts from the tunnel. It requires a Jumping-Heli to take as the jump is high.

Race SizeEdit

  • Small: Race around the lake, castle entrances are blocked off, this course requires wheelieing and jumping over ramps and has a few sharp turns. There is only one shortcut, which is over the lake. It is 3 laps long. This race requires 0 flags to acess.
  • Medium: Race into the castle via over a river bridge, through the gardens and into the castle itself. The sewers are cut off from the race and instead you take an exit next to the sewer entrance; you will finish off the race around the second half of the lake. There is only one shortcut, over the lake, but there are a few advantages including: Jumping over the bridge instead of going underwater and taking the red carpets near the sewer entrance. This race requires 12 flags to acess. The race is 2 laps long.
  • Large: Same as medium but you go into the sewers. The sewers are mostly water with dry, floored surfaces and various sponges, which act as a slowing obstacle. It is recommended to use the Hovercraft with a Jumping-Heli; this will allow you to take the shortcut that skips some of the area around the track and the pipe. You will exit the sewer two-thirds around the lake and you can take the lake shortcut. The race is 2 laps long.


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