City Grunge Garden
Gender Male
Car Yellow Komatsu 330M

Lark is a builder who lives in his shack with plenty of tools he uses. He is busy and has a short temper, later he was bored and the protagonist tell him to build a bridge. After the bridge is built, he is now sanguine because of the thankfulness from the bridge.


  • "It's so busy!! It's so busy!! It's so busy!!! Hm? Who are you? Oh, it's {Protagonist}! I'm sorry but I'm busy right now! Can you come back later?"
  • "I'm bored!! What happened to all that stuff I had to do? Oh, {Protagonist}! You've come at a good time. Is there anything a carpenter like me could do? Hi! Make a bridge? Sounds pretty interesting...OK! I'll do it! But give me some time. Meanwhile go visit some other towns!"
  • "Superb! Oh, {Protagonist}! You've come at the right time. The bridge that you asked for, I've finished building it. Could you go check it out? Maybe because there's more traffic going through here, I've got a lot more jobs now. I'm very thankful {Protagonist}!"


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