|name = Layla |image = file:Layla.png |city = Scratch Mountain |gender = Female |car = Navy Blue Datsun Fairlady Z (S30)}}Layla revealed about a weird person called Ducky because what she knew is that he picked up a "yellow star".


  • "Hello! I'm Layla. I'm very happy. But I've been bored lately. Anything fun going on? Lately, I picked up shopping as a hobby. Oh yeah! Let me give you this. I bought too much and now I have two of the same item. I don't need it, so I'll give it to you!"
  • "Hello! How are you? Shopping is so addicting! So the other day, I was shopping. Because I heard that there were new parts and on the way home there was this weird yellow duck-like thing making strange noises. So I was staring at it, and all of a sudden it picked something weird up and started dancing in joy! It was saying something about a star. Don't you think it's weird? What was it? It's not from Scratch Mountain."