City Wind farm further away between Peach Town and White Mountain
Gender Female
Car Brown Suzuki Wagon R
Recruitable No

Laz (Japanese: ラズ Laz) is the keeper of the windmills and has a boyfriend who lives in White Mountain. She has become bored and wants to do a counting game with you. If you guess the correct number of windmills, she'll give you the Fantasy Horn and you will obtain Stamp 97.


  • "I take care of the windmills but there's nothing to do. Oh! I'm so bored! Hey! How about this? Can you answer my question, just for fun? So what about it?"
  • (If the protagonist said "I want to do it!") "Oh yeah? You're going to do it? All right, here is the question. "How many windmills are there in this area?" Do you know? Why don't you go and count them? Ha ha ha ha!!!"
  • (About to answer the correct total of windmills) "Gosh! It's you! You have counted them, right? So, how many? How many are there?"
  • (After the protagonist answered the correct number of windmills) "That's RIGHT!!! Excellent! You got the right answer. Take this as a souvenir. Bye! It was great fun!"
  • "Thanks for a good time. I had a lot of fun."


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