City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Red 1980 Volkswagen Beetle

Leehod drives around Brachy. He also has a cousin who lives in Poqui.


  • "There are various buildings here in Brachy town. You should take a look around."
  • "The Choro-Qs in this town are very friendly. So don't hesitate to visit any house."
  • "Congratulations! You won't need any more info. Now you're a resident of Brachy!"
  • "Day and night flips when you enter houses 3 times. If nothing happens try flipping day and night."
  • "A month ends when you race 4 times. To move ahead, just flip the calender in the Information screen."
  • "At first, you can't go to the neighboring Poqui town. But after driving about 50 km, you'll be able to go there."


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