City Brachy
Gender Female
Car Olive Peugeot 406 coupe

Letoba is the owner of the cafe in Brachy. She tells the player about the Emperor of the Races, and gives items, like with Gedluna, that can be synthesized into parts that the player can use.


  • (From her "Letoba's Cafe" letter) "Letoba's Cafe is the best cafe in Brachy town. Any racer would stop by. If you're a racer, you should stop by too. It's located in the northwest by the water fountain. Owner, Letoba"
  • "Welcome. Did you read the letter? Make yourself comfortable."
  • "Oh, I heard you want to be a racer. Let me tell you, there is a Choro-Q called the "Emperor of the Races". He won a series of victories in past races. But later, he disappeared. I heard he races when he feels like it. You might encounter him somewhere, someday."


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