City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Pink 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S

Liche is Ania's secret admirer. He will request the protagonist to give his letter to Ania. After the player has given the letter to Ania, the protagonist can go back to Liche to give him the news. Liche will then give you CD 9 and says he can now sleep.

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh, oh no! I can't do it!"
Protagonist: "What's wrong?"
No, nothing. "Actually, listen. I'm such a coward."
Protagonist: "What?"
"I mean, a love letter from Brachy."
Protagonist: "Hmm."
"Do you know Miss Ania?"
  • (If the protagonist is a male) Protagonist: "Oh, that mean girl... Oh! I meant, that elegant lady."
  • (If the protagonist is a female) Protagonist: "Oh, that elegant lady."
"Yes. There's no one else who is so noble and beautiful. I was stalking her since I first saw her in Nyaky town. But that's not good." 
Protagonist: "Of course."
"So I finally decided to write a letter to her, and I did."
Protagonist: "Ha ha, I see. An errand event."
"Will you do this for me!?"
  • (if the protagonist declines) "What!? Alright then... I'll do it myself."
  • (if the protagonist accepts) "Oh, a help from the heavens! I'm counting on you! I can finally sleep now!"
  • "Oh? You haven't gone yet? I'm counting on you."


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