Lieutenant Commander Yugos
Lieutenant Commander Yugos
Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Black Leclerc
Military rank Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Yugos is a Q-Stein officer, and a supporting enemy in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is the fourth commanding tank leading the Q-Stein forces in the snowfields of Proton Kingdom. Leading a convoy of tanks, not expecting any engagements, he is unorganized for the battle. In the mission involving him, you must defeat him and the tanks commanded by him before they leave the area. The area is a snowy tundra; of which after he is killed, he welcomes his death.

Weapons and abilitiesEdit

  • Scatter: Fires a scatter shell that spreads to hit multiple targets. It can cause a lot of damage if all projectiles connect.
  • Missile: Single barrel launcher that fires a single homing missile that tracks its target.

Quotes Edit

  • (Destroyed by the player) "My grave is this cold land..."


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