Lieutenant General Ahmadi
Faction Proton Kingdom
Gender Male
Military vehicle Blue/White Chieftain M5
Military rank Lieutenant General

Lt. Gen. Ahmadi (originally known in Japan as ビスカイト中将 (Bisukaito Chūjō Lieutenant General Bisukaito) is the third commanding tank who was found rescued in "The Bridge in the Wilderness" and/or "Release from Hascallasa". In the story, he plans to invade the Q-Stein Empire with his unit, he was later found by the player and was killed along with his men by a powerful lieutenant general of the Q-Stein military in "After The Dust Clears!". His appearance is similar to that of Major Rodeschild, making it rather easy to confuse the two.

Quotes Edit

  • (After he was found in Hascallasa) "You came to rescue me? Enemy may come soon, so lets get out of here."
  • (After he heard the news about the King's whereabouts in Bacherit) "WHAT!! Go to the woods in the south east."
  • (After he heard the news about the King's whereabouts in Naldnick) "WHAT!? Go to the woods in the southwest of Naldnick. Whoever's ready, GO!"
  • (Giving advice to the player about the snowfields) "Be sure to equip well for snow."


  • Lieutenant General Ahmadi is originally known in Japan as ビスカイト中将 (Bisukaito Chūjō Lieutenant General Bisukaito), and if there was an official English translation, it might be spelled such as "Biskite", "Biskyte", "Bisskite", "Bisskyte", and so on.
  • The name, Ahmadi, came from Sirus Ahmadi, the CEO of Conspiracy Entertainment.
  • He has the Lieutenant General markings of the U.S. Military.


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