Lieutenant General Narumarugamu
Sand Tank
Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Alkett VsKfz 617 minesweeper
Military rank Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General Narumarugamu is the last regular boss of Shin Combat Choro-Q, as well as being the game's secondary antagonist. He is second only to the Emperor, and is in fact his right hand and second-in-command. He had singlehandedly wiped out Lieutenant General Ahmadi and his troops at the desert shoreline in the Q-Stein territory. When he is defeated, he tries to run over the player in his dying moments, but explodes before he could reach him.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Twin Cannons: Narmarugamu has a pair of rapid-firing twin cannons in his turret that can cause some serious damage if the player is not careful to avoid his shots.
  • Napalm Bombs: A powerful incendiary explosive package with a large blast radius. Used by Narumarugamu to finish the remains of Lt. Gen Ahmadi's unit before the boss battle.
  • Freeze Bombs: Narumarugamu launches these in a circular pattern in an attempt to freeze the player solid in ice, to leave them open for attack.
  • Armored Wheels: With his large armored wheels, Narumarugamu can run over the player, causing significant damage and comically flattening them.


  • This boss's name hasn't appeared in the game, but in Japan, the strategy guide for Shin-Combat Choro-Q reveals that his name is "ナルマルガム中将 (Narumarugamu Chūjō Lieutenant General Narumarugamu)". If there was an official English translation, the name, "Narumarugamu" might be spelled such as "Nalmalgum", Narmalgum", "Nalmalgam", "Nalmumgum" and so on.
  • Lt. Gen Narumarugamu is based on the Alkett VsKfz 617 minesweeper of World War II. The VsKfz 617 was designed by Nazi Germany as a vehicle that can traverse minefields with its heavily armored wheels, which could theoretically withstand landmine explosions, as so to clear a path for AFV's and infantrymen. However, the 617 was a failure in field testing. It was slow, very heavy and a larger target for opposing artillery units. In April 1945, the vehicle was captured by Soviet troops at the Kummersdorf testing grounds. As of current, it resides in the Russian Tank Museum in Kubinka outside the city of Moscow.
    • Contrary to its armaments in the game, the VsKfz 617 is only armed with a pair of MG 34 machine guns in real life.