City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Rosso Corsa Red Dino 246 GTS

Lini is the chief of Team Ranolfka.

He, alongside Luluza, can be chosen to be your teammate in the Grand Prix. During the 3rd race of Otto's Grand Prix, he and Shutiege will be involved in an accident that takes the two out of the race, with Luluza filling in for the last two races.

Quotes Edit

  • "OK! Show us what you've got. See you at the Oval Circuit."
  • (Overtaken by the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "Oh shoot!"
  • (Overtakes the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "Not there yet!"
  • (Overtaken by the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "You're quite good!"
  • (Passes the protagonist in the Grand Prix) "I'm going first!"
  • (If the protagonist reached the reputation of a pro and drove near his team's headquarters, then he overtakes the protagonist at full speed and takes notice of the protagonist) "Excuse me! Wait! You have a nice body! I mean! nice body control. I was wondering if you have any racing experience."
  • (If the protagonist "lies") "Oh, then I'll talk to you once you've tried a race."
  • (If the protagonist lose a Grand Prix) "Well done till the end. The overall results is okay."
  • "Only authorized people can enter here!"
  • "Hi! {protagonist}! How are you? Do your best at the next Grand Prix!"
  • "Hi! {protagonist}! How's your condition? I'm counting on you at the next Grand Prix!"
  • "Oh, you want to join the team? We don't accept at nights. Come again during the day."
  • "Hi, {protagonist}! Thanks for worrying about me. My injury is better now. What? Rest more? I can't do that. I can't wait to race. To begin with, the team needs the leader. Anyways, good to see you. I should have said it earlier, you finally beat Otto. Congratulations!!"
  • "Great time. What will you do next?"
  • "Your record is quite good. What will you do next?"


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