City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Male
Car Yellow Mazda RX-7
Recruitable Yes

Lowry (known in Japan as ローリー (Rōrī) is a recruitable car living in his house on Chestnut Canyon. He also knows about Mason who loves rough rocks. He, like Keisuke Takahashi (Initial D), has a Yellow FD RX-7.


  • "Hey! You know what? To the west of Quick-Pic Shop No.62, if you go down a cliff and drive for a while, you'll find an entrance to a cave. You can do rock climbing there. There is a hillbilly who loves rough rocks! But it's not for me. Hey you, go and see him and tell me about him. If you collect them..., something good might happen!"
  • (before recruiting him) Hey! You! I'm Lowry! The star of racing! I'm high-powered!! Instead of your current teammate, I can join your weak team. What do you say?
  • (declining his request) What? Are you sure? You'll regret turning down Mr. Lowry's offer.
  • (accepting his request) Oh, you're lucky. You have Mr. Lowry on your team. It was right to leave your old teammate behind!
  • (whilst on your team) Hey! We'll beat them all!! You'll easily win any course if you have Mr. Lowry!


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