City Papaya Island
Gender Male
Car Brown Subaru 360
Recruitable Yes

Luke lives in a shack on water in Papaya Island. Luke speaks in the Unbabo language. When you first meet him he will speak Unbabo, and you will evenutally have the choice of two options to reply. If you say "What are you saying?" then you will be sent out of his house. When you say "Unbabo!", he will now talk in English and he gives you the Unbabo doll and once you leave his house you will receive Stamp 73. He is mentioned by Quick-Pic Shop #86 in Peach Town, mentioning in the directions to Quick-Pic Shop #87 that the shop is located near his house.


  • Un! Unbabo?! Unba! Ubabuba! Booo!!! Unbaba! Babanbo! Uuunbabo?
  • (if you say "What are you saying?") Uban! Mucky!!! Uba uba!! Ubanki! Sh! Sh! Sh!
  • (if you say "Un...unbabo!") Unbabo! I'm sorry to have teased you. It's a language from the old days. "Hi! How are you? I'm fine! This is a nice place! I like it! Nice to meet you! Hello! How are you doing?" That's what I asked! Then you said "I'm fine!" I was so happy! You know, I love this town! I don't want you to forget about this place, so I'll give you this! Unbabo! Bye! Take care!
  • (before recruiting him) Unbabo! You are so energetic! I race too. I'm a fast racer! Oh! Will you let me join your team? I'll be a big help!
  • (declining his request) Ubobobo... too bad. I wanted to race with you. Tell me if you change your mind.
  • (accepting his request) Ubye! Thank you! I didn't think you would let me join your team. I'll do my best!
  • (whilst on your team) Unbabo! Ha ha! Knowing we are teammates makes me very happy! Papaya power! I'll do my best!
  • Hey! I see you haven't forgotten Unbabo! It's the perfect expression for us.


  • Unbabo is not a real language. However, Luke translates his phrase he said to you after you spoke the language.