City Echo Forest
Gender Male
Car Blue Lotus Europa [Type 74]

Macky tells the Protagonist about the best engines and part of the Red "Big Laugh" Mushroom name which he only half remembered. He said Engine +5 is one of the best engines to get at the shop but told them there is an engine better than that which he refers to as the legendary engine and is actually Engine +6, later he told the Protagonist more about the legendary engine and says the mayor has got it in his possession now for the Protagonist to acquire.

Quotes Edit

  • "Do the you know about the best engine in this town? Engine +5? That's an engine you find at the shop, right? There's actually an engine better than that. If you're qualified, you might be able to get a hold of it."
  • "Huh? Mushrooms? The red mushroom... Umm. Big... What was it... Umm. It's Big something. I forgot the rest but it's Big something."
  • (about the legendary engine) "You need the legendary engine, go see Mayor Poonk."
  • (after the Protagonist acquired the legendary engine) "You've got the greatest engine."


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