City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car Dark Blue Nissan Skyline GT-R R33
Recruitable Yes

Madison (Japanese: マドセン Madosen) is the third son of Keitel and is found in a orange living room. This purple R33 GT-R is overweight and a glutton. After Keitel's safe is open and the player visited Madison again, he wanted to lose some weight by racing. After you and him raced, he states that he had lost 3 pounds.


  • "Ho, hum... What should I eat today? What should I eat....let's see. I've eaten everything in the whole world. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!"
  • (After you learn about Keitel's safe) "What? Safe? What kind of food is "safe"? Is that food? Oh, that's not food! Ha ha ha ha! In that case, I don't care!"
  • (Before you recruit him) "Lately, I've been gaining weight and I'm thinking of racing for my diet. If I do it by myself, I don't think the diet will last long. And that's why I'm asking you. I'm better than you are. Please let me join your team."
  • (Declining his request) "I'm not fat, so I don't have to run? You think so? Ha ha ha!!!"
  • (Accepting his request) "Ha ha ha ha! I have to diet, so I'll try more than the previous member, definitely."
  • (Whilst on your team) "Oh, it's you! Listen, I've lost 3 pounds already! I'll run faster and lose more weight. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Okay, then... bye bye."


  • During conversations with any of Keitel's sons, you can see the portraits with numbers of fish, meaning that there is a code to Keitel's safe. The number of orange fish on Madison's portrait is 6.
  • Madison's body color is very similar to the Deep Marine Blue color offered on real life Skyline GT-R R33 models.