Type Air Base Town
Location Southeast of Q-Stein Empire
Notable inhabitants 9

Magscopic is the first town in the Q-Stein Empire continent and it is home to the airport controlled by the Q-Stein Air Force.

Involvement Edit

The Q-Steins deployed a powerful bomber jet, named Calceoria, to destroy the Proton Kingdom, the Protons decided to chase it down with the SD Crafter and suddenly when the player returned to the airport; the commanders realised the Q-Stein soldiers stationed at the airport had left. When the player visits Magscopic before Gloonstat, Marshal Volzol and his AP unit are seen preparing for the bomber's arrival and they were confronted and destroyed by the player. The Protons planned to destroy the airport later.

Landmarks Edit

Airport: The stronghold of the Q-Stein Air Force's AP unit lead by Marshal Volzol.


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